Best Free Sync Pairs Pokemon Masters and The Top Tier Sync Pairs

What Sync Pair is the best in Pokemon Masters?

Sync Pair is known as Pokemon Trainer and the Pokemon itself in Pokemon Masters, obtain it might be challenged because if you are using paid gems, you want to spend a lot of money to open the gachapon until you find the best Sync Pair that you desire. Also, the drop rate in Gachapon for 5 stars Sync Pair is small, about 7% for 5 stars sync pair.

In this guide, we will tell you about The Best Sync Pair in the game, and we will divide it into two parts, first is The Best Sync Pair for Free that mean is available when you complete story mode, and The Best Top Tier Sync Pair that mean you can get some of them through gacha. The list also combined with three different roles that you can use to complete Pokemon Masters Story Mode fast.

Best Free Sync Pair Pokemon Masters

Choosing the best free sync pair in Pokemon Masters can be a headache because of lot of free Sync Pair that can be achieved for free in Story Mode. You must pick the best three that fit the best for your main character to complete Story Mode fast. You also can pick a lot of them but you must grind for level first and that is time-consuming, or choosing leveling through a manual book, and that also spending a lot of manual books you have. You can choose this best pick for Free Sync Pair in Pokemon Masters and save a lot of your time.

Below is the best Free to Play Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters, with three different role models (Strike, Tech, and Support). In the beginning, you can choose this free Sync Pairs to reach the story chapter 16.

Rosa and (Snivy – Servine – Serperior), Skyla and Swanna, Hau and Alola Form Raichu

With Rosa and Snivy on your team you will get high-efficiency support, the buff you will get with snivy skill, and refills the team’s move gauge will help you maintain three-bar moves requirements like Discharge from Raichu. Rosa and Snivy are available from Chapter one, and it is great to always use to grind them to the max level.

Skyla and Swanna also help you with defensive support and Potions that heals your ally to keeps on the battlefield if you have a low health situation. Skyla and Rosa will mostly be used to buff your main Strike Pokemon, but Gust can be used to build up your Sync Move that is super effective to a dealt lot of damage on your opponent.

Hau and Alola Raichu is available when you reaching story mode chapter 11. Before you grind for this Sync Pair, you can use a recommend Pokemon that has a weakness against your opponent, this Pokemon Masters beginner guide will help you. The Discharge from Raichu is the best area damage in the game, and well choose for base Special Attack damage. The buff you get from Rosa and Snivy also help him to maintain the 3 move gauge requirement for using Discharge

best free sync pair pokemon masters
best free sync pair pokemon masters

Rosa and (Snivy – Servine – Serperior), Hau and Alola Form Raichu, Koga and Crobat

When Koga and Crobat join your team in chapter 16, this might be your best pick to complete Story Mode fast. The duo Crobat and Raichu are deadly enough on your opponent. The high-speed buffs you get from X Speed, and plus one Critical Hit Rate from Move Like a Shadow is your key to a decent poison attack. When your target is getting poison status, use Venoshock or your Sync Moves to finish them off, as the power is increased when your opponent is poisoned. Don’t forget it also gets double damage from Venoshock too.

Best Top Tier Sync Pair in Pokemon Masters

The Top Tier Sync Pair might be the most powerful Pokemon that you want to get from Gacha. To get them first you must spend a lot of Gems, with the help of Pokemon Masters Generator you can get them as fast as you can. We combine this team with the best top from support, strike, and tech type of Pokemon.

Lyra and Chikorita, Olivia and Midnight Lycanroc, Lorelei and Lapras

You can take a note that using the best Sync Pairs above is not guaranteed you have the best team because in story mode you can tell a lot that best Pokemon is a team, that bonding you with the Pokemon itself. That’s it for now, hope you enjoy The best sync pair in Pokemon Masters and don’t forget to keep grinding!

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