Event: Free 3000 Pokemon Masters Gems in Pokémon Day

The faster way to get free gems inside the Pokemon Master game is by attending a special event. Today, Pokemon Masters is celebrating Pokémon Day as of 27 February 2020. The details which give advantage to you is free 3000 Gems when the patch comes on Friday 28 February.

Free 3000 Pokemon Masters Gems in Pokémon Day
Pokémon Day Free Gems

Sygna Suit Red and The Charizard

Another detail that comes up is a Poke Fair exclusive sync pair Sygna Suit Red pairing with favorable pokemon The Charizard. It is understood that you can only unlock the Sygna suit red and Charizard in Poke Fair scout which include spending Paid-Gems.

Alongside Poke Fair Exclusive and free gems, the battle villa also comes to the announcement on 28 February 2020. In this battle feature, you can boost your sync pair to the max level for up to 9 Sync Pairs a day. The Battle Villa known for interesting rewards for the new Sync Pair Lucky Skills, the skill itself can make your favorable Sync Pair into something different than the other. The passive skill is triggering when specific battle conditions are appearing in the battle.

How to get Free 3000 Gems

  1. Login in the Pokemon Day event
  2. Claim free 3000 Gems reward in your mission center

Yes, the free 3000 gems event is require nothing but just simply loggin in to the game. Also the Sygna suit Red and Charizard is added in sync pair scout menu. Make sure you leave a comment below if you have a question regarding this and how to get sygna suit red and charizard easy.

We will update this post on how to get the gems, and how to get Charizard, and trying the battle villa as the event start going live in Pokemon Masters.

*Post updated 28/02 on how to get 3000 gems Pokemon Masters in Pokemon Day event.

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