How to earn Free Gems Fast in Pokemon Masters

With two Pokemon mobile games right now, Pokemon Masters becomes one of the top multi-platform game which you can play in iOS and Android. Different than successor Pokemon Go, the Pokemon Masters is a real-time RPG battle based game is one of the stronger factors it becomes more popular. The main purpose is the game is to train the Pokemon and collect Sync Pair, there is a total of 67 Sync Pair right now and will increase more if there is an update.

For collecting all of that Sync Pair you will require gems, in this game the gems itself is divide by two categories, non-paid gems and paid gems, to see all of the gems you can tap on Poryphone Menu in the right corner of the game main lobby. Non-paid gems can be used to Scout Sync Pair as well, paid gems itself also used to Scout Sync Pair but in an event like 5 Stars Special Scout the drop rate for 5 stars Sync Pair will increase.

In this post, we will discuss strategies on how to earn free gems fast in Pokemon Masters by which you can collect all of the Sync Pair you want of Pokemon Masters game.

pokemon masters gems
pokemon masters gems

Strategies How to earn Free Gems Fast in Pokemon Masters

Use this following strategy to earn gems faster in the game of Pokemon Masters. Read the guide carefully before using this to your Pokemon Masters game.

  1. Daily Login

The Pokemon Masters can give you 50 free gems with simply logging into the game every day, the rewards can increase if you keep login every single day of the week. The day of Pokemon Masters will reset at 6:00 am UTC Worldwide and the login bonus will be updated at this time.

  1. Complete Story Mode

Another fun for playing Pokemon Masters is completing story mode, with the drama between Team Break and many characters in the game you can follow enjoying the story as well as earning free gems. After the first time completing battle in Story Mode or just a conversation you will reward with few Gems to use. Same with Main Story, the Sync Pair Stories also can earn 10 Gems within the first completion, make sure to collect all of the Sync Pair to unlock more reward in Sync Pair Story Mode.

  1. Event Free Gems

Just like the other games, Pokemon Masters is also having interesting events that will give you free gems rewards for completing them. The event that is running right now as of February 2020 is Six-Months running celebration, daily free gems rewards within the following:

  • Day 1: 300 Gems
  • Day 2: 300 Gems
  • Day 3: 300 Gems
  • Day 4: 300 Gems
  • Day 5: Evolution Shard x5
  • Day 6: 300 Gems
  • Day 7: 300 Gems
  • Day 8: 300 Gems
  • Day 9: 300 Gems
  • Day 10: Evolution Shard x5
  • Day 11: 300 Gems
  • Day 12: 300 Gems
  • Day 13: Evolution Shard x5

Make sure you collect all of them through the mission center on your Poryphone Menu.

  1. Buying Gems

Despite using real cash, buying gems is one of a faster way to earn gems in Pokemon Masters. There is a limit of 80,000 gems per month buying per account. You can keep an eye of daily deals of purchasing gems which can save you a lot of money to earn more gems per purchase

  1. Using Pokemon Masters Generator

Pokemon Masters Generator is one of the favorite methods to earn easy and faster gems in Pokemon Masters, there is a feature of it that you can get Paid Gems category aswell. In most of the generator, the following free gems can be earned after finishing human verification and downloading specific apps.

Final words…

Pokemon Masters is one of the most real-time Pokemon battle games you can play in iOS and Android. Collect all of Sync Pair by getting more gems whether it’s paid gems or non-paid gems. In this post, we have provided all of the guides to you about How to get gems faster in Pokemon Masters. Use this information to benefit you in the game and become real pokemon masters in single-player mode or Co-Op online mode.

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