How to get 1000 Free Gems in Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters is here and there is a way to get more easy free gems in this game. In this post, we guide you on how to get 1000 Free Gems in Pokemon Masters. Gems is a currency that use in Pokemon Masters to get a Sync Pair Pokemon or Pokemon Trainer. This is the only way to make a powerful team through 5 stars Sync Pairs. An event that lives right now is getting Brendan, Lyra, and Steven, 5 Stars Sync Pair as of 02/23/2020. If you are new to Pokemon Masters you can learn how to play Pokemon Masters on our beginners’ guide here.

Get 1000 Gems Pokemon Masters for Free

pokemon masters free 1000 gems

Step by step instruction on how to get Free Gems in Pokemon Masters

  1. Open your Pokemon Masters
  2. Tap your Pokedex at the right bottom corner on screen
  3. Tap Account
  4. Tap Create/Link on Account, and tap Continue
  5. Sign in to your Nintendo Account or Create if you don’t have one
  6. Follow instruction and notification Link Complete will pop up
  7. Enjoy your Free Gems

On the third fourth, you are going to need to link your Nintendo account and as soon as you do so you will get free gems. The gems can be claimed from Mission Center. A lot of players don’t know this method, and with the advantage of saving your progress too. That means if you are accidentally deleting this game on your phone, you can still load your progress, meaning your player ID is safe. You can log in to your Nintendo Account at the beginning to load progress.

Don’t forget with a linked Nintendo Account and Pokemon Masters, you can play with the cross-device too, for example in iOS as well as on Android. Simply logging to Nintendo Account and link your Pokemon Masters, get free 1000 Gems, and secure your playing progress. It’s fast and simple and might be the fastest way to earn 1000 Free Gems in Pokemon Masters.

If you are looking for another fastest way, you can check this Pokemon Masters Hack Gems with the Generator too. This is worth checking out as some players using this as well. Don’t forget to share and use it wisely. See you at the battle!

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