How to Play Pokemon Masters?

First time released by DeNa, Pokémon Masters give fans to play real-time 3vs3 pokemon game. The game itself is fun to play because instead of catching pokemon, you can collect a Pokemon Trainer known as Sync Pairs. Each Sync Pairs has a unique Pokemon with a different type of element. If you haven’t download the game yet, it available on Android and iOS.

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Pokemon Masters How to Play?

You start with your default players that has Pikachu, and team up with different Pokemon Trainers (Sync Pairs) that has a variety of unique Pokemon. The game is known will update more new Pokemon Trainers (Sync Pairs) that you can get with gacha like other mobile games.

pokemon masters battle mode
pokemon masters battle mode

Move Gauge

Instead of Turn-based gameplay, the battle in Pokemon Masters is real-time battles that have Action Gauge. So you can get attacked by the opponent if you are idle for a long time. Each Pokemon has a weakness, aim for weakness only because it gives more damages to that Pokemon. The different Pokemon skill has different movement gauge, with block symbol in it, that means two blocks will require 2 Move Gauge if you can’t attack yet you must wait Move Gauge fills. You can expand the move gauge in Pokemon Masters by using 100,000 coins. It is important and permanent, you can exchange it in Shop Menu.

Sync Moves

What is Sync Moves in Pokemon Masters? Sync Moves is a powerful attack on the enemies Pokemon, it only spends 1 Movement Gauge. Sync Moves also have Mega Evolution special effects. How to use Sync Moves? Well, you can’t use Sync Moves at the start of the battles, Sync Moves will be available after certain movement, number symbol on your Pokemon battle HUD. Always use a Pokemon that has 1 Move Gauge to attack, it will be helpful because you can spam lots of one Move Skills of Pokemon to use Sync Moves faster. Or finishing a low health pokemon with just a single attack. For example, Pikachu has a skill that can attack for just 1 Move Gauge.

Tips for fighting Boss in Pokemon Masters

We recommend you attack the boss left or right pokemon first because the middle one is stronger than the left or right. It will help you reduce the damage taken from Boss fights. Attack only middle if you have a heavy hitter Pokemon that can destroy the middle Pokemon in a single attack. The boss fight also can use Sync Moves, that the only fight you can take a Sync Moves damage from enemies Pokemon. A support Pokemon will be helpful for fighting Boss in Pokemon Masters. You can give them status effects first for example Burn or Paralysis to weaken the Pokemon Bosses.

What next? What to complete first in Pokemon Masters?

It is so easy to understand how the battle works in Pokemon Masters. So what next? Should you complete Story Mode first?  The Story Mode itself is single-player mode only, completing the story mode will gain you special rewards, the major unlocks, features, ability to grind, and so much more. We recommend you complete to beat the Story Mode first and grind your level after that. The weakness Pokemon will be the same in Story Mode full chapter. You can use the same good team and level up that team through chapter by chapter. After that, you can grind your level cap items, grind moves for your Pokemon. Next is beat Hard and Very Hard Co-Op to unlock gear and perfect teams.

A Pokemon Masters Walkthrough

  • Complete Story mode
  • Get ready to Grind for level cap items in Training mode
  • Complete Hard Co-Op mode
  • Complete Very Hard Co-Op mode
  • Complete EX Co-Op mode.

If you get stuck on Story Mode you can use Regular Training Courses that can give you large XP bonus and LVL Up Books, Normal mode is LVL 5, hard level 10, and very hard is level 30 Pokemon.

Get Pokemon Trainer or Sync Pairs

A powerful Sync Pairs also helpful if you get stuck in Story Mode. You can get five stars of Sync Pairs through Gachapon. Daily you can use Gachapon that costs only 100 Gems, and after that costs you 300 Gems in a single pull.

This is where the Pokemon Masters Generator comes in handy. You can generate 3000 free gems on a daily average with Pokemon Masters Generator. That is the same with 10 free pull Gachapon daily.

Final words…

Playing Pokemon Masters is easy and thrilling through chapter by chapter. Don’t get confused by so many missions in Pokemon Master, just finish the Story Mode and you can grinding after that. Bear in mind you can use Pokemon Masters Generator to get unlimited Gems in this game.

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