How to unlock Pokemon Masters Gear – Get Stronger with Gear!

The Pokemon Masters Gear is the equipment to make your Pokemon Masters team stronger. It can be equipped with 3 different slots and different kinds of gear. If you have a bracelet, it will help your team to boost atk of your pokemon, slot two: Bandannas will boost team Special Attack, and final slot: the Pins will increase your HP. With different types of Gears it also important to match your Sync Pair, because you will only get half of the promised Gear Stats if it doesn’t match your Sync Pair Type.

How to Unlock Pokemon Masters Gear?

How to unlock Pokemon Masters Gear - Get Stronger with Gear!
Tutorial how to unlock pokemon masters gear

Follow this instruction below to unlock Pokemon Gear and access the Gear menu in your Pokedex.

  1. Finish Chapter 18 Story Mode
  2. Complete Chapter 18 Co-op – Challenge Cheren & Hilda (Normal)
  3. Complete Chapter 18 Co-op – Challenge Cheren & Hilda (Hard)
  4. Get Stronger with Gear! Training Course will be unlocked
  5. Finish that in Training Area, and you will unlock Gear.

Unlocking Pokemon Masters Gear might be easy at first, on chapter 18 Story Mode you can beat Cheren, Hilbert, and Hilda, with this Best Free Pokemon Master Sync Pair. The battle is still easy in Co-Op mode (Normal), you can quickly match with other players to help you beat this mode. Now is the unlocking part, you can take note it might be a difficult battle, again, a quick match online is the best method to help you beat this team.

We might recommend you to level up your Sync Pair first in Training Mode at least to level 90 with this best sync pair. You can first priority to Cheren first, because he will support the others Sync Pair on his team. Beating him first will increase your chance to win this battle.

With Chapter 18 Co-Op Hard now completed, you can get access to a new training mission with Professor Bellis. In the new updates, the Training Area will be open automatically, and you will get one reward Bracelet Gear after finishing Get Stronger with Gear Training Course as well the tutorial how to equip gear on your team. The course will be easy not as hard as the last battle.

Gear Upgrades & Features

Obtaining gear is the same with rare drop item, gear can be acquired by completing a chapter on higher game mode (Very Hard, EX Challenges, etc). Also, you will get the material like Cloth and so to upgrade this gear. The drop rate of gear right now is about 5-10%, and it might come to a higher drop rate on the special event.

Every Pokemon Masters Gear can be upgraded, you will need Cloth, Needles, and Scissors to upgrade these gear. Considering the same with Sync Pair, gear has got a Level and Star rating, also it has a certain amount of Level cap. The maximum level of gear is 15 after you get a gear you cannot max its level but you need to break the level cap first. With the same 5 gear type and rarity, you can unlock full level cap of gear. You can access the level cap of each gear you have by going to the Upgrade Gear menu.

Grinding each gear you have is fun, and well worth it if you already max level your Sync Pair you can take them to EX Training Co-Op Courses and Very Hard Co-Op Courses to grinding your Gear, and get ready to another new event in Pokemon Masters.


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