Sync Pair: Koga Crobat – How to Get, Tips and Battle Strategy

One of powerful high tier Sync Pair as of now is Koga and Crobat, with the poison element you can’t go wrong if one of the Best Sync Pair in your team is Koga Crobat. Grinding them to max level is a little bit fun, and very worth your time. Crobat has a high speed which combines with the buffs X Speed and Move Like a Shadow he has, meaning your movement gauge will increase faster than before. If you are looking to give your enemy a highly dangerous poison, Koga and Crobat are one of them.

Sync Pair koga and crobat

Pokemon Info

  • Role: Tech
  • Type: Poison
  • Weakness: Electric
  • Sync Pair Stars: 4


Poison Fang

  • Target: Opponent
  • Type: Poison
  • Power: 34/40
  • Description: Has a good chance of leaving the target badly poisoned

X Speed

  • Target: Self
  • Description: Sharply raises the user’s Speed


  • Target: Opponent
  • Type: Poison
  • Power: 42/50
  • Description: Its power is doubled if the target is poisoned or badly poisoned.

Move Like a Shadow

  • Target: Self
  • Description: Sharply raises the user’s evasiveness. Raises the user’s critical-hit rate.

Sync Move – Modern Ninja Sludge Bomb

  • Target: Opponent
  • Description: Its power increases if the target is poisoned or badly poisoned.


  • Haste: Speed cannot be lowered.

Koga and Crobat – How to Get?

It is easy to get Koga and Crobat, you can follow this instruction below:

  1. Finish Main Story Chapter 16 – Ninja Kin
  2. Koga and Crobat will join your team after defeating them

Yes, Koga and Crobat are free to play in Pokemon Masters, we recommend you try them and grind to max level for an enormous amount of poison damage.

Tips to Play

Crobat has skill Poison Fang which can give enemy Badly Poisoned effect status, the damage might be low at first but it will increase massively through poison damage. You want to leave the target enemy with Badly Poisoned status at first then use buffs after. The chances for Crobat leaving a poisoned status is about 30 percent, keep attacking the target with Poison Fang until you leave the status effect to them.

The badly Poisoned status effect is very useful when dealing with Co-Op Hard Mode and Target with High Defense like Steven – Metagross, you can give 10000 Poisonous damage total to Metagross without a single attack and it can be increased more! Remember to give them Poison Fang attack until Badly Poisoned status appears and you can buff after that.

Venoshock is another story when the target is inflicted with poisoned status, you can use Venoshock which can give double damage to your target.

Team Battle Strategy

Koga and Crobat are high tier Tech Sync Pair, and you want to pair them with Support and high damage Strike Sync Pair. When battling with Boss or Co-Op Hard Mode, you always want to use Poison Fang first at the strongest target which is in the middle of the enemy team. With Poison Fang is a Physical attack you can raise the multiple chain combo in Co-Op faster, never forget about their passive skill Haste that can not be lower from an enemy, your team can gain a lot of Speed and refill your Movement Gauget at a higher rate.

The best method if you want to try Koga and Crobat is in any Event Co-Op Hard mode, try using Poison Fang at an enemy target in the middle and wait for deadly poisoned effect increasing massively through the battle. Don’t forget to buffs with Move like a Shadow to gain faster, and raise the Evasion.

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